Gu Family Book Lee Seunggi ✿ Bae Suzy Love story Quotes and linked

 Kangchi : Do you know me? Or have we met somewhere before?

 Dam Yeo : How about you, do you know me? If By chance, have we met before?
 Kangchi : I really can’t remember. That’s why I am asking you.
 Dam Yeo : If you don’t remember, then we haven’t  met. If it’s meeting you don’t remember, it doesn't mean anything more. 
 Kangchi : What if I do remember, does that mean our meeting has a meaning?

But You are still ALIVE! I thought you were dying that night. But still you're living well. Isn't that a fortunate?

# Yeo Wool

After seeing all this, even I was shocked and don't want to believe it. But as victim, you must be shocked and scared, I understand. But,
Despite all that, you are still Choi Kang Chi. Whatever happens to your outer appearance, what's inside you will always be Choi Kangchi. Isn't that right?
# Yeo Wool

Thank you for saving my life. But, next time, don't do that. Don't take my bracelet off when I am not conscious. I don't know about anyone else.. But I don't want to hurt you.

- Kangchi -

So you really got hurt because of me... Am I right?

Don't do it again. Me, too, don't want you to get hurt because of me..
= Yeo Wool = 

Kangchi : I don't even know where to start explaining. Even if I explain, i'm not sure of how Chongjoo will react. 

Yeo Wool : What is there to be unsure of? She may think there's nothing wrong. Whether you are a half human or not. She may not care about your outer appearance. No matter how your eyes and face change, You are still Choi Kangchi insideShe may not care about it. She will okay about it.
Kangchi : You think that could be?
Yeo Wool : If she likes you.. If her feeling are sincere.. It's possibles for girls

* Despite how one was raised, all women in love are the same.

Yeo Wool

# You've never had a sleepless night because your heart flutters so much. You've never experienced your worries melting away just by looking that person smile. You've never experienced your heart breaking at hearing that person sigh.

Kangchi to Yeo Wool

I'm sorry Dam Yeo Wool. I'm sorry for not telling you first that I'm leaving. I'm also sorry for giving up so easily on my decision. And also.. 

Thank you for taking my side even after knowing all my weakness. 
the reason I could bear Lord Park's death..
The reason I could win over my uncontrollable situation..
That was all thanks to you.
I will never forget. I... I won't be able to forget..
~ Kangchi

Still, I wanted to say my last goodbye to you.

Goodbye.. Dam Yeo Wool.
* Kangchi

I don't want to do anything. I just.. I just want to say goodbye. I want to bid him farewell. I want to wish him a good life.

# Yeo Wool

This conversation is the same with Seo Hwa and Wol Ryung have, but it is Kangchi who asked.. :D

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Kangchi : Why are you so good to me?

Yeo Wool : I want to do everything for you because It is what my hearts want right now.

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