Gu family Book best Quotes


There is nothing more arduous and complicated than loving a woman. I mean, seriously. Why do you think I left secular world?  Even a human men can’t handle human woman. Even worse for you.
~ Sojong

For the first time in my 1000 years, I met a woman that makes my heart race. If I let her go, I may have to wait for another 1000 years.
~ Wol Ryung

Seo Hwa : why are you so good to me?
Wol Ryung : I would like to do anything for you. That is what my heart wants right now.

* You’ve never lived for a thousand years by yourself in loneliness. Trust me. Being immortal is much more admirable than being immortal. That’s why human life is beautiful.
~ Wol ryung

Humans are so weak and feeble. Such foolish being that only feel regret after losing something precious. Don’t  forgive girl like me. I pushed my loved one to death and I even tried to kill our son. Don’t forgive a wretched girl like me. I will carry all of these brdens with me. Please take pity on this child. Don’t let him lead a sad and lonely life like Wol Ryung. Help him to live as human being amongst others. This is the last wish of undeserving mother.
~ Seo Hwa’s letter to So jong

~ Head Gisaeng : Be wise, Chong joo. With patience, endure it.
Chong joo : What do I gain out of that? What do I possibly gain by enduring such graceful and insult?
Head Gisaeng : It’s an oppurtunity. It’s an oppurtunity to realease your anger for being unfairly judged. The oppurtunity for you to pay back all you shame and disgrace that you are experiencing right now. Stay Alive so you can have that can oppurtunity.

(Episode 1)

"The first exception is the most crucial mistake. Once you make the first exception, the second and third times become easier."
Jo Gwan Woong

(Episode 3)

"In life, there are things you have to do even if you don't want to."

Park Chung Jo

"Sometimes strength is not enough."

Park Chung Jo

"Men need to have some fat on their face. They should have broad shoulders. Then, girls will fall for them."

Fortune Teller

"Girls need to be delicate and feminine to get guys."

Fortune Teller

"Even an old shoe has a matching pair. Why would a human being be matchless?"

Monk Sojung

You said he was my mate. Dpn't heavens decide that? If I can avoid it, how can that be my destined mate?
Yeo Wool
"If you meet, it may be unavoidable. Even if you are destined, if you don't choose that path, your fate can change."

Monk Sojung

(Episode 4)

"Choi Kang Chi: Do you know me? Or have we meet somewhere before?

Dam Yeo Wool: How about you, do you know me? By chance have we meet somewhere before?
Choi Kang Chi: I really can't remember. That's why I am asking you.
Dam Yeo Wool: If you don't remember, then we haven't met. If it's a meeting you don't remember, it doesn't mean anything anymore.
Choi Kang Chi: What if I do remember? Does that mean our meeting has a meaning?"

"It'll be easier than holding on to this life. It just takes one moment to die."

Choi Kang Chi

"The heavens decide on human fate. Humans just try their best at what they believe to be right."

Lee Soon Shin

If I can stop their fate like this. I want to do that.

Dam Pyung joon

Monk Sojong: If you can avoid it, you must do so. It's that kind of fate.

Yeo wool : Just in case, if I can't avoid that fate. What will happen?
Monk Sojong : One of you might die

kangchi : Chongjoo and Taeso will never betray me

Master Gong Dal : But Kangchi, humans are much weaker than you think. Because they are weak, sometimes they become cruel.

Lee Soon Shin : How can you stop one's geeling for another?

How can you stop the blowing wind?
Dam Pyeong Joon: If he finds out later that I'm the one who slayed his father.. I'm worried about the pain the two of the will feel.
Lee Soon Shin : Anxiety brings uncertain futures. What we had to do is not judge and get in the way of young. We have to make way, so that they can head in a better direction.