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Proudly said "Kami adalah anak Teknik Industri"

Wuaaaah! Judulnya kereeen ya? atau malah ngajak berantam? XD haha
Ada info yang saaaaangat baik looh! :D apa itu? Akhirnya UTS berakhir!! Huwoo *Flying Applause* huahaha
Gimana UTS nya? jawabannya : :'DD hehehe
Kenapa aku bilang bahwa kami bangga menjadi anak teknik industri?
Industrial Engineering makes difference anywhere :DDD keceeeee kan? hehe
Percaya deh, punya istri teknik industri itu pasti keeeeren! *O* -salah fokus-

Aku pengen cerita tentang mata kuliah yang aku ambil selama 2 semester ini yaaah! hehe dan kalian pasti akan menemukan kalau anak teknik industri keren, pintar, open minded, jago parallel distribution processing, tahu banyak hal dan Insya Allah bisa diletakkan (?) dimana aja :D
Jadi ibu rumah tangga atau bapak rumah tangga?  jadi seorang engineer di field? seorang operator di pabrik?  seorang manager, direktur di kantor?…

Suzy in the eyes of co-workers

“Filming is really difficult, but Suzy has never once said that she is tired. She isn’t calculating or scheming and she’s far from selfish or egocentric. I think Suzy’s charm is her simple honesty. She always makes filming enjoyable with her bright spirited energy.” — Lee Seung Gi at 구가의서 press conference 130520 We were originally going to publish this later, but given recent events, we are posting a part of it today. Please reblog/tweet/etc. We have collected and translated what people that know Suzy in real life have said about her. Many of these were either published on personal twitters and blogs or brought up by the coworker themselves without any request from reporters.  Kim Soo Hyun Even though Suzy is young, she is never daunted. She doesn’t get disheartened. She is also really positive. That’s why everyone becomes fond of her.I think there is a kind of spell that Suzy casts. By the end, all the staff members were, should I say, addicted to Suzy. She is mature and good-natured to …

April MOB!!!

Remind me of Sponge Bob, hehe

New Family, Unstoppable Laugh :D

Following the previous post, I will tell thee about my new familes that have made my heart feel comfortable, warm and belong here

Finally, I can Move On #Flashback

Fiuuuh.. the title is ambigu :D hihi

Remembering how the last 10 months is passing by, it was so many, much, and various. :D

Nice Principle :D