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Postcard from another Part of the Earth and Celebration for 400th Post

To: Yulisyah Putri Daulay di Tempe, Arizona, USA

This is My Community, Social Entrepreneurship and Economic Development YSEALI 2016 @ ASU

Pictures tell more than words, right? So, by sharing these pictures, I would like to tell you our story
this is my community, Social Entrepreneurship and Economic Development Winter YSEALI Academic Fellow 2016 @ Arizona State University It has been a wonderful journey for me It will remain in my heart now and forever
Farewell dinner, the last night to spend together before leaving in early morning. We went back to hotel very late since we didn't want to lose our last seconds together by sleeping. You can not see it from the pictures since we were all having smiling face, but almost all of us had just cried before the picture was taken.

I had privilege of meeting you