Eighteen Years Old- School 2015

It's painful if you fall
it's the perfect age to fall a hundred times and learn how to stand again
Because we're 18 years old
we live this day like it's our last
we were able to love passionately and hate passionately too
it's an awkward age when we are easily scared
those years are the most painful
and we go through so many hardships
Nevertheless, once time has passed
the reason why we can say that those are happy times is..
the memory of someone's warm hand that reached out to us when we fell
not anymore or anyless
but just one person...
approach a friend that's crying and say this to them
Bot you and I
No matter what ordeal comes our way, we will get through it
It's okay if you are hurt
Because you're 18 years old

If there's one more lecture I want to give before leaving...
its regarding the time you're all living out right now
I know it can feel lonely, hard, and like you don't what to do, at times
But... it's all okay
You are still..
just eighteen years old

credit to: School 2015 (Who Are You) Episode 15 & 16