Why Blog, Put?

I loooove to read people's blog so much! :D so very very much
Reading blog of amazing seniors is one of my motivation source since I was high school

Feeling down is a common thing.
When we feel so tired, so down and so helpless, Things that we can do is let go, or try to find a way

What did I do? When things get harder, when all I want to do is run away?

I read blogs. Kind of weird, right? haha
It was like you read the story of so many inspiring people. It feels warm and makes me happy.
I read so many stories about them and people around them.
The stories vary from about achieving a scholarship, doing competition, going abroad, exchange or cultural program exchange, meeting with *the one*, marrying him/her, spending life after married, and so many other things.

Their story is sincere, funny, honest, free, clear and just flowing that it has become my motivation.

And then I thought that maybe one day I can be in their position, and my junior will take my current place, no matter how long it will take.

I am not an amazing girl, but I am trying to be the best version of myself.
So, I hope you can find one or several things from my stories, doesn't matter how small it is :)
Feel free to explore my life

"We live for each others" :D


  1. waa mbak, "aku banget". hehe. gak nyangka ada orang yang punya hobi kayak gt. wkwk, masyaaAllah mbak ... :'D yang mbk tulis itu benar-benar mewakili pikiran ..
    terharuu :')

    1. wkwkwk makanya mbak senang banget ketika nonny nge-email mbaak!! =D
      Alhamdulillah kekeke

      nonny juga semangat nuuulis!! =D


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