Ilona & Rudy - a Beautiful mind makes a Beautiful woman

Beautiful woman is someone amazing on the inside, one who is warm, caring, has gifted energy and enthusiasm

One who is intellectually curious, worldly, and one who wants to get more out of life

Also, a woman who wants to enjoy life’s journey with new experiences and new adventures

It’s beautiful when someone gives back to the world to make it a better place.

If woman has a creative mind the experiences, she can share will be exhilarating and diverse with other people

Also, if she has depth and intelligence, and people can learn things from her, it will make other people to be a better and richer ones. 
Aku melihat sosok wanita seperti di Ilona, untuk itu, aku mengaguminya.

Ini adalah video Ilona dan Rudy yang sangat aku suka dan kagumii =D
Semoga pecahan cerita ini bisa bermanfaat untuk kita semua ;)