This is My Community, Social Entrepreneurship and Economic Development YSEALI 2016 @ ASU

Pictures tell more than words, right?
So, by sharing these pictures, I would like to tell you our story

this is my community,
Social Entrepreneurship and Economic Development
Winter YSEALI Academic Fellow 2016 @ Arizona State University
It has been a wonderful journey for me
It will remain in my heart now and forever

Farewell dinner, the last night to spend together before leaving in early morning.
We went back to hotel very late since we didn't want to lose our last seconds together by sleeping.
You can not see it from the pictures since we were all having smiling face, but almost all of us had just cried before the picture was taken.
I kept telling Khine these words,"You know, I am very lucky for having you as my roommate. You are very kind, Khine. Thank you and I love you". Yes, Khine is very kind.
I and Khine have so maaaany similarities. We both love disney, bollywood, western songs, same genre. that's why I always played the song from my laptop out loud, without using headset and we will sing karaoke and laugh together. She has a very good voice, too.
We waited for each other before going to the bus or going down to the lobby.
I and Khine always hold each other's hands when we were walking together and sing together. We walked so much during our stay in US looh, heehe.
When we were sitting together in the bus, we listened to the song from Khine's handphone by sharing Khine's headset.
We also liked to share our food, kekeke
I am very lucky, Yes.

hahaha this picture reminds me about how difficult to take it. Why? Because the securities kept banning us to take pictures in front of the US Embassy office.
But, finally!! We got it, yeayy!

Our opening ceremony! We were using traditional clothes ;)
we looked beautiful, don't you agree?

I love this picture so muuuch! the background is very beautifuul and all of us look so happy and so bright. this picture is taken in Washington DC
lovely day with lovely people in lovely place

You knooow!!! *O*
this picture was taken with harwork too haha
Can you see the golden bridge behind us?
We were walking under the rain to take this picture
Want to spend as much time as we can in the golden bridge in San Fransisco

Family picture! I still remember how cold was it. After we had taken the picture, all of us was running back to the building to get warmer haha
Striving to take picture with golden bridge! You are more than worth to make us suffer, golden bridhe :D

Elevator in Metro Washington DC (rapid train)
The picture had to be taken quickly since the elevator kept running kekeke

the affiliation of our shoes. This picture was taken in US Capitool. Actually there is a meaning from this circle, but I forgot. I am sorry, my bad haha

 This mexico restaurant is very difficult to get! Very high demanded and crowded. We are lucky to get here, I guess :). It was very hard for me, shafie and shreya since the limited number of vegetarian menu. But at last, we got full =D

Aaaaaakh! *teary
It was a very happy memory and beautiful. this picture was taken when we were riding the ferry to come back forth below the golden bridge to the porth in San Fransisco. It took one hour for this ride. =)

Oh my god! It really is a formal family picture
All of us looked so neat and nice (some were not, though) haha
Still remember Chiamei was struggling about where to put the umbrella haha
The umbrella had been moved from in front of us to the right side of us to right corner and finally ended up in the first spot, in front of us hahaha
the umbrella is the label of Arizona State University.
We had a very beautiful guest, too, Susanna who came from US Embassy, Washington DC
she is very beautiful and nice =)

Us! After riding horse for 3 hours by our own self.
Still remember what the coach said,"horseback riding is a rare opportunity, especially in US since there are only a few places that have horses.
So, for me, It was a once in a life opportunity.
It was very calming to see the sonora dessert along the horseback riding.
I also fall in love with my lovely horse.
Oiya! Let me introduce her to you, her name is Carmen
and she is very nice =")

Dr. Benson once said this,"in Arizona, which is a dessert and dry and all sands, it is very difficult to plant any plants, especially the grass. But, we still need a park for children and family to play and spend time together. that's why the government make this small park"
You can see that even us, all grown up and matured people, also played in the park :D

Complete Package, together with Community Engagement group too, in formal openng ceremony.

We learnt so much from this site visit, as we did from all of the site visits that we did.

team building in our first day! Still remember the time that we spent together to do tasks and homework, together with Kak Rara and Ate Pam. Both of them are so funny and nice. They took care of me as if I was their little sister =") I love you both,
I am so lucky for having Kak Rara and Ate Pam as teammate

First day! The photo was taken in front of our hotel. All of us looked very happy, right?

Our first group dinner in Macayo’s Mexican Food. Still remembered how awkward it was haha, but it went well and we are all bestfriends now =D

our orientation day, yuhuuu!=DD
Complete team with happinnes!

Welcome to Arizona, yseali Indonesia!!! Landed in phoenix Airport and were picked up by Aunt Caroline and Gila!
I think all of us have fallen in love with Aunt Caroline and Gila since the first time we saw them. They were so friendly and nice =)

My most favorite picture since this picture is very, clean and pure. Seems like all of us were wearing light color of clothes, except zuu zuu hahaha. this picture was taken in the garden, when we spent time to play and enjoy our afternoon comfortably.

Can you see the buiding behind us? It is inverted triangular prism. It is so cool!!
What was in that building? it is Economic Development: Tempe City Government where we met many wonderful and brilliant people.
I adored their willingness to increase the economic of Tempe City =D

Indonesia's delegates with Susanna!
Have I told you? I don't think so, hahaha
Indonesia has the most delegates, there are 6 of 23 for SEED and 5 of 21 for CE, if it is summed, it will be 1/4 from the total number of delegates. =D
that's why it was not very difficult and lonely. =)

Selfie first! We were going to do horseback Ridiing!!!
It was an incredible experience for me, and I believe for the other fellows as well. =D

Yseali Indonesiaaaa! Without kak rara and Kak Opi wkwkwk
we tried to do negeri Van Oranje style =D
How is it? pretty similar?

Okaaaay! This time, we were complete team of yseali Indonesia =D
This picture was taken in Little Colorado River =D
I still remembered that I got so confused about the weather there, it was cold, but sometimes it could be not so cold too. That's why all of us had different style of clothing, some used warm jackets, some didn't.


Thank you very much!! =D