Postcard from another Part of the Earth and Celebration for 400th Post

Yulisyah Putri Daulay
di Tempe, Arizona, USA

Dear Little Sun,

Don't be afraid of the shadow that hides your light
Don't be afraid of the darkness that tries to eclipse your light
As long as there is struggle and effort
Shadow and darkness remain illusions and only that
The warm of your light equal to the depth of your warm heart

Keep smiling and inspiring
I am waiting for your light!

Angin, 9 Maret 2016


Waaa Waaaaa, Congratulation!!! =D
Finally, it is the 400th Post!! Alhamdulillah
It's been a while since the first time I posted my first post.
I hope that my post is getting better since then and becomes worthwhile for you =)
Thank you so much =D