New Family, Unstoppable Laugh :D

Following the previous post, I will tell thee about my new familes that have made my heart feel comfortable, warm and belong here

1. Friends from my department, Industrial Engineering

espeially grateful for Aya, the first friend that comes all the way and accompany me to many places
Riri, the one that have same schedule with me, in college and sosmas ;)
Fira, the one who makes me very comfortable to say anything haha, even the weird ones XD
Desi, Ica, and Mulan who give me much courage to develop my ability, help and support me so much in academic side

Thanks guys, :D


My PKM group, the best group ever
Mas Nabil, Mas Irkham, Rizka and Mas Hibran, the one that make me feel that I am being useful. :)
They are the one who can be said the first that welcoming me so well and I feel so much comfortable to clear out my mind and tell my idea and still isn't looked stupid and weird, although it did indeed :D hehe

Mas Nabil who is everywhere haha, same building, same organisation (Bem kmft). Mas Nabil that was called "dewa" by his friend because of his intelligence and having a Straight A in Academic Report (IP 4) that is overwhelmed me *o*

Mas Irkham who fill my empty stomach :D , praise my brightness in a positive way and make me feel precious (ceilah :D) haha and I feel most comfortable with thee

Rizka who accompany me to face that mas,mas.we complete each other in task and together we become the most beautiful human in our group  and become the light to our group (the only girls ;) )

Mas Hibran who is the one who often seduce rizka ;) and turn the conversation into joking suddenly, having design ability that is incredibly amazing hehe. I and Mas Hibran is often meeting in JTMI library

3. Sosmas bem kmft ugm

The best Departmen, Ever haha
I feel So, Very, Really Grateful for the chance in becoming one of sosmas family member.
Sosmas is like dream come true
I did and gonna do things that is so amazing , incredible, and sweet :)
Teaching children in Aisyiyah orphanage, Going to village, play and study with children in there.
It gives so much fun and will stay alive in my heart and mind :D

And those are just a little thing, compare to sosmas itself
The member of sosmas is chosen, I believe. They are funny, bright, cool, nice and warm.
There is never boring time with them, there is always unusual jokes haha :D
Shyness is not exist when we are together
the thing is just be yoursef and you are welcomed

Sosmaas! Peduli, Berbagi, Selalu di hati

translate : Sosmaas! Caring, Sharing, Remaining in heart :D

And again, I feel so much grateful, and unstoppable thanks for the One, Allah swt :D