Finally, I can Move On #Flashback

Fiuuuh.. the title is ambigu :D hihi

Remembering how the last 10 months is passing by, it was so many, much, and various. :D

it was so strick, full and really hard at first. Especially, in the first months, it was incredibly hard. I was missing home, missing the comfotness from home, and I was doing adaptation with different culture, different way of thinking, different country, and the most important is the language.

It is really, really difficult if it comes all the way to speaking. most of my friends are javanese, and they feel more comfortable talking in java than in Indonesia.
"It is a way more expressive" they say.

Hopefully, I can speak in java someday, somehow hehe

Everything was just getting harder and worse when Mid-term arrived. Remembering the difficultness of trying to memorize so many things in just one night, trying to understand Calculus and Physic,
Hhhhh... It was bad then, but it feel sweet now, the feeling that I can pass that situation hehe  :D

Ohya! I did 4 OSPEK during Semester I! O.O
Can you imagine that? I did University ospek(PPSMB PALAPA), Faculty Ospek (Prajurit), Department Ospek (Optimasi) , and the last is the test for joining Bem Kmft Ugm (Matrikulasi)
and those are not simple ospek, by just present
NO! it was also followed by a pile of TASK! no, no, a Truck of TASK (starting melebay, :D) hehe

the main point is that time is difficult

But, Finally I can Move On, Alhamdulillah :D
Now I didn't feel loneliness and the emptiness as much as before, and I did my adaptation succesfully, Insya Allah,
and the most important thing is
My heart has been belong here, ini this blue Campus (UGM) and in this warm city, Yogyakarta

I will never stop being so grateful for anything that I have received from Allah, Alhamdulillah
hopefully, Everything is getting more and more close in my heart and stay warm in my soul ^o~