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Dream high 1 Quotes.. :DDD

“Truthfully, whether these students have potential… I don’t have the answer. But of one thing I’m certain. That these students, more than anyone here, want to fly… because they love the stage like crazy, because their dream is so beautiful, they believe that their road is a happy one. Telling them not to start because they might get hurt… is cruel, is it not? I think loving something like crazy is potential. I saw that potential today. So trusting that potential, I want to tell them to try and fly. I don’t know how big their wings are, but I want to tell them to start. And to make sure the road is happy, I’m going to put my full strength behind them.” – Oh-Hyuk

Hai Bloggie.. :D

I Have just changed my blog Themeee!!! "D
*Party timeee* :D

Eotthe? Yippeuji? :D

Naneun myeon chigeumi Soosu cuple choayeo like michin sarami.. :D #ntah udah pake bahasa apa ini#

OH ya!
I have just finished all of my school's examination as I wrote in my Schedule in posting before..
Now, it will be National Examination left..


Soohyun Suzy ~> Soosu Couple Bean Pole Winter collection Photo Gallery.. :D

Bean Pole Soosu couple winter version in New Zealand..:D

SooSu couple Fact with Photos Gallery Soosu Couple Bean Pole in Thailand.... :D.. :DDD


SooSu a.k.a HyunZY Couple Fact, Best ever :D

SooSu Couple yang muncul pertama kali melalui drama favoritku, apalagi kalau bukan Dream High, hehe
dari banyaknya drama korea yang aku tonton, dream high lah yang paling aku sering ulangin, nggak bosanbosann deh nantengin Samdong Oppa sama Hyemi Eonni.. :DD

Oh iya, ini beberapa fact SooSu couple..

1. Soohyun oppa sering lho ngajarin suzy syuting. Banyak foto2 BTS mereka

Ini foto bts eps 4 akhir. Waktu HyeMi nantangin Baek hee di ujian Midtern. Soohyun oppa sampe meganging Toa nya gitu hihihi.