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Full House quotes fave.. :DD

As much as the entire
universe exploding,
As much as the waterin every ocean drying,With my spirit burst,as much as it spreads outward.I love you very much.Han Ji-eun...I love you so much.-Lee Young Jae

Goong Princess Hours quotes, Daebak!!

I fell for these words at the moment I tead the first sentence.. it was soo Daebak! :D

"The only reason i was able to breathe in the palace was because of shin goon. that's why… i want to stay with you. the person i love is not the crown prince, just you. i love you. if my heart hurts so much, i think i love you." - Chaegyung
"If you stay by my side… i might break your wings" - Shin
"I don't care…just say that you want me next to you." - Chaegyung
"Please stay by my side. don't leave. don't leave me alone." - Shin

“I like Shin. I fell for him. It’s as natural as the rising and the setting of the sun. It’s not because that it’s Shin. Living in an unfamiliar place, lonely because I am away from my family. And with my character, I fall for people easily. This maybe funny but, if I were to have met you first, I could have just fall for you. But one-sided love is so tiring. I do not like someone who is far away from me. He is always beside…