They got Something for Me - Unexpected Gifts

I love Surprise
I love it so much that I even can't even talk when I got one

That is the thing that happenned to me
I got 4 gifts
Gifts that I swear, I never expected, even once
these gifts come in the right time, right place and touch my heart.

Mr. Kalip - Hime-chan - Pucha- Tas piiink! :D

Let's start


I had planned to buy a new bag from a long long long looong time ago. Since I was still in 2nd Semester.
But the thing is that I was too busy in busying myself that I even couldn't afford to buy it.

That day, 31th August, that dream came true,
Not only I got a Bag, but I got THE PERFECT Bag
My #3RK kids know me very well, I guess haha
What makes it so perfect?
First, it is PINK!! hehe
I love pink. It is also not just a common pink because this pinkyness matches so well with my converse shoes and my pinky jacket. They have a SIMILAR color! waw! *O*

Oya! In spite of this pinkyness, this bag is also big and can be filled by many things. So many many things! hehehe
"this is the one", this bag is :D


Just by seeing it, we know that Pucha is perfect, right?
Pucha is soooo cute!! kyeopta! Unyuu! Kawaaai!

Even all of my friends who saw pucha in the first time will ask about pucha, hug pucha, want to hold pucha, and play with pucha haha

I got Tas Pink dan Pucha from my lovely, beautiful children #3RK
I got them when we gathered in my home to shared about our college's life.
It is still fresh in my memory when Belva (one of my kids) cut my word (I was talking back then) and told us (me and Sayyid, my partner) that they got something for us.

They maybe don't know that I was very blank that time. It was weird for me. I couldn't talk and actually my hands were trembling, hehe.
Getting something that I didn't expect or even something that I wasn't deserved to get.

That moment was and is very Beautiful. Sky and stars beccame witnesses that I fall in love with them, #3RK. Again and again.
It is so amazing when I have many wonderful children.

Mr. Kalip

Mr. Kalip. I got the names from "eucalyptus", my group's name when Skulkad BEMKMFT.

I, I didn't deserve to get anything from Eucalyptus, that's the fact.
I did't work properly for them. I am not a responsible sister for them.
I am so sorry, Eucalyptus, I was so burdened by my college's tasks that time.

But still, they got this Mr. Kalip for me.

Several months ago, I wanted to buy Horta doll. I even had ordered it, but I didn't get it because It is out of stock.
And now, Allah swt. let me get Mr. Kalip as the subtitution, and of course Mr. Kalip is much more precious because Mr. Kalip is from Eucalyptus.
Semangat berkarya Eucalyptus, jangan berhenti, karena BEMKMFT UGM adalah lembaga pergerakan!


Himechan is a beatiful gift, right?
And she is also CUTE! kawaaai! hehe

I got Himechan from my suhu (teacher), Mas Nabil that had just cameback from Japan haha
I didn't expect anything from him, I swear and I mean it.
I am just a small part of his social life and I don't think I am precious enough to get something from him.
I am only one of  his many little sisters in here
But still, He got Himechan for me

Mas Nabil say that we have to put himechan under the moonlight at night and then put Himechan under sunlight in the morning, and I will find something wonderful happen.
I have tried it, but never success to see that wonderful thing  'til now, haha
Hopefully, I will make it soon :D

Thank you so much to #3RK, Eucalyptus and Mas Nabil
the best gifts in this world is unexpected gifts
Tas Pink, Pucha, Mr.Kalip and Himechan are the ones that I hold onto :D