Missing home

It will be so nice if I can run and leave every responsible I have
If I can, I will do that right now
HOME is the One.

It is just..
I miss home so much
I miss my mom, the one who loves me beyond any reason
her warm smile, her patience and a shoulder to cry on
I miss my dad
his wisdom and the most important is his trust in me
Of course, I miss my lil brother and my lil sister
They are my LIGHT, they can make me laugh no matter what they do
They are the ones that I have to protect with everything I have, that is my oath since seeing them cry back then

It is not just that
I miss the sincere smile of my WHOLE family, not just my little family
I miss the time that I spend with just hearing their story, playing card with'em and nonsense joking
I miss my whole family that loves singing, music and karaoke
I miss the critical opinion about how this world is going on from my wise uncles
Watching them doing debate is the most fascinating moment that open my mind and form my vision since I was just a little kid
I miss my honest aunts that can make every story that comes out from their mouth become a dramatical, very funny and interesting story
The times when they comb my hair and give me (money?) haha
I miss my beautiful and handsome little cousins
Playing and talking with them teach me many thing
not only that
They also encourage me to be a succesfull sister
Then I can support and help them to achieve their dreams
I miss my mature big woman cousins
I spend almost all my chilhood times with them
They always become my sisters since I don't have bilogical sister
They teach me and support me. Helping me
Just sleep beside them is enough for me

I miss my chilhood friends that help me grow up
I miss the street  that I've been passed for 18 years old, 99% time of my life
I miss every place that I regularly go

I miss them All

I want to go home now, but I know I can't
The thing is
Leaving home is hard, but I know I can bear it
not because I have to
but because here is my home too