I Fall in Love

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Sun.....The beginning where life is coming from and coming through

I borned in November 1995, so if today is 2014, I am 18 years old right now

Is it too early if I talk about love now? :D
Maybe Yes, Maybe No, hehe

I, actually, have dream or hope about how I will find "him" someday and how "we" fall into each other and how "we" live our lifes together

Things that I hold close in my heart that :

1. I have Allah, our prophet Nabi Muhammad saw, mother, father and lil brother and sister in my heart, and You have to have, too

2. Family is where my life begins and with you, our family is where journey never ends

3. you love me because Allah, because everytime you see me, you praise Allah for sending me into your life

4. the first thing that you see from me is my heart and soul, not my inteligence and my face

5. You will be the "one", the only one that has ever gotten into my heart

6. You will be the first, the first man that touch my head and pray to Allah in our wedding night

7. Your words is my words, your pain is my pain and your smile is my whole life

8. Everytime you see me, you will smile

shakespeare quotes love at first sight

9. Our love is Endless as long as we love Allah swt

10. Sakinah, Mawaddah, Warrahmah family. Facing every coming storm because we're all in this together

Semoga cahaya Allah senantiasa menerangi, rahmat Allah senantiasa melimpahi, dan kita semua selalu diberi kebaikan ^o^