Love Letter to kumpulan orang gaje, haha XD

We are now far apart


don't be afraid
don't be tired
don't fall down
don't break apart
don't be miserable
don't be lonely
don't give up
don't be sad
don't cry
don't be hurt
cause everything is gonna be okay

I know that all this time, I laugh with you, hug you, crying on your shoulder, fighting with you, rely on with you, hold onto you

but I regret the time that I can't tell you 

"how much I give thanks to Allah
How much I like you
How much I love you"
I am so sorry
I am not tell you much about my feeling to you

deep in my heart, I want to tell you

I love you, so much that I miss you badly right now
you are the best people I've ever met
you all match me so well like a pair of shoes
and we are beautiful together like a rainbow

you all receive my weirdness laughly, as if it is a normal thing
and play along with me
It is hard now
in this mature world

it has been 6 months since the time we are met
Now, It is even difficult for all of us to reunite together

all the time that our spend together will stay alive and burning in my mind and my heart

Let's keep fighting with the path that we choose
Be happy no matter what happen, it is our promise

Putri 1 januari 2013
Besok ada uas agama, haha :D