My Impression about Gu Family Book


Hh.. I have just finished watching Gu Family Book episode 6
and my eyes is swollen right now, hiks.. hikss..
crying again and again..

This drama is totally AWESOME!! INCREDIBLEE!!

Can't stop but laugh, smile, claps, and cry by watching it..

this drama get firs ratingt in monday tuesday drama, and I come first to totally agree that this drama deserve this or maybe getting better..

My first Impression about this drama whern I had just finished episode 1 and 2 is
" Wow! Gu Family book is great.. and I hope it will continue to be good and be the best..
But after finished watching episode 6..
I think that Gu Family Book will be an Overwhelm drama and have no doubt about it"

Oh iya!
I want to share the pictures too..


Can't wait to watch the upcoming episode.. :D

I hope you enjoy Gu Family Book too and share about it.. ^o^