Miss A Bae Suzy Facts Complete! :D

Suzy! Suzy! Suzy Eonni~ ah, hehe

  • Suzy was bornt on October 10 1994  in Gwangju, South Korea.
  • Suzy knows a korean and minimal mandarin
  • Suzy was the lead actress in popular drama Dream High. she played a role as Go Hye Mi and have Kim Soo hyun as a Co-star
  • Suzy is the Lead Actress in Gu Family Book which is currently airing drama as Dam Yeo Wool with Lee seunggi as Choi Kangchi And I recommend this drama to be watched.. It is Daebak.. You can download it with eng sub here or read several infos..  Here :D
  • miss A’s Suzy Beats Girls’ Generation And Kim Tae Hee As The New Reigning CF Queen. you can look the news here
  • Suzy is Miss A Maknae
  • Once suzy can;t go to Beatles code with other Onnie because she has an Invincible Shooting..
  • Suzy didn't have a plastic surgery
  • Suzy have a Glamping Festival CF with Kim Soo Hyun which is very adorable, cool and waw! :D o iya! Suzy and Soohyun couple is Soosu Couple.. you can see several articles in here. .^o~
  • Suzy gave a back hug to actor Lee Hyun Woo in Invincible Youth

  • YG President choose Suzy as his favorite actress in JYP , he even wanted Suzy to join his entertainment.
  • Suzy in in 94 lines together with Jiyoung KARA, Sulli f(x), Sohyun 4minute, Krystal f(x), Minzy 2ne1...
  • Suzy and Minho Fact..
~ Each of them is the face of their group
~ Suzy and Minho are the tallest member among their member's group
~ Minho's and Suzy's date birth is unique..
have a different 1 : 2 : 3

Minho : 9 Desember 1991 | Suzy : 10 Oktober 1994
10 – 9 : 1 | 12 – 10 : 2 | 1994 – 1991 : 3
~ they look close in Idol Championship 2012
~ when Suzy give a medal to Minho, Minho say something to her, Ahh!~ (so sweet)cats
~ there is a moment when minho poke suzy at ending in  hehe i don't know what show is it.. :D

how? how? :D
  • Suzy's hobby is selca or Self Camera or Photo, kiki :3
  • Suzy help her Family to open a coffe shop that is named Sucafe or Caffe Soo in Gwangju with her earning
  • Suzy has a big foot and say that it was difficult to find shoes :D
  • Suzy had aver been a CF Model for Son Ho Young MV pretty but hateful

  • Suzy dislikes JYP when he says 0 point eventhough Miss A have worked hard
  • Suzy had to use crutches when her ankle was injured. Even so, she still performed while sitting on the chair. You can read from this article

  • Suzy’s fans are called Sueweeties.
  • Suzy’s favorite color is pink.
  • Suzy can speak korean, minimal english, and minimal mandarin.
  • Suzy is known for her natural beauty and her smile.
  • Suzy is the lead vocalist and maknae of miss A.
  • Suzy’s height is 167cm, weight is 49kg.
  • Suzy was spotted while auditioning for Superstar K, a TV talent show where was asked to joined JYP Entertainment.
  • Suzy likes cute boys.
  • Suzy loves book, she loves to read.
  • Suzy is shy but hardworking and generous.
  • Suzy is the strongest member in the group despite her look.
  • Suzy decorated her room with pink color.
  • Suzy has a lot of dolls, books, and clothes in her room.
  • Suzy is a type that can gain weight easily, that’s why she can’t miss her exercise time.
  • Suzy and 2PM’s Wooyoung acted as cameos as a couple in “Human Casino”
  • Suzy got 2nd place on 88 poll for the best female idol face in Korea.
  • Suzy sometimes feels bothered because of her long hair while dancing on stage, but she thinks it’s fun.
  • Suzy said that she really loves to wear her cat ears on Good-bye Baby because she loves cute things.
  • Suzy is at top rank idols with her best look in real life.
  • Suzy likes a guy who has neat appearance with no double eyelids, and behaves in a cute manner.
  • Suzy is the member with the worst sleeping habit.
  • Jia once had received Suzy’s text message while Suzy was sleeping.
  • Suzy is a sleep-talker.
  • Suzy had some Taekwondo class when she was a kid.
  • Suzy is U-Kiss’ Dongho ideal woman, he said he wants to get closer to her.
  • Suzy changes her ideal type frequently.
  • Suzy is close to many male idols, like Super Junior, U-Kiss, and Infinite.
  • Suzy is close to KARA’s Jiyoung and IU.
  • Suzy and IU weren’t close until Suzy called IU in the morning on her birthday.
  • Suzy receives a lot of attention from other idols and singers.
  • Suzy likes guys who don’t have double eyelids or who have inner double eye-lids.
  • In the future acting career, Suzy would like to try a role with actions scenes like Park Min Young’s.
  • Suzy enjoys the movie “City Hunter”
  • Suzy wears cat ears for Good-bye Baby performances to appear cute, as suggested by miss A’s stylist.
  • During Good-bye Baby dance, Suzy has to pull out her long hair a lot.
  • Suzy has an older sister and a younger brother.
  • If Suzy was a boy, she would like to date Fei.
  • Suzy was a student in Seoul Performing Arts High School.
  • Suzy’s favorite song from A Class album is ‘Help Me’
  • Suzy is FT Island Jaejin’s ideal type of girl
  • Suzy chose Kim Soo Hyun over 2PM’s Taecyeon
  • Suzy likes ballad songs
  • miss A said that Suzy is a type of 4D girls, like she has her own world.
  • Suzy loves to collect animal stuffs, such as dolls, t-shirt, blanket, and others
  • Suzy has the biggest room in their apartment.
  • Suzy said 2PM’s Nichkhun is well-mannered man.
  • Suzy favorite 2PM’s member is Wooyoung .
  • Suzy was famous among the male student in her school before she debuted in Miss A
  • Suzy does sit up before and after she goes to sleep
  • Suzy said that Jia has a penguin dance that she does often.
  • Suzy also loves to go to karaoke.
  • Suzy usually doesn’t like to watch sad movies
  • Suzy said that she really doesn’t want to look weak in front of other people.
  • Suzy always buys a lot of books about psychology whenever she goes to book stores.
  • Suzy really loves psychology things. She is curious about what other person is thinking.
  • Suzy’s favorite brand for ramen is Nong Shim’s Neoguri (Racoon’s). She said she wants to make a CF for it, n she can be a pretty raccoon.
  • Suzy is the member with the most followers on twitter.
  • Suzy doesn’t like to eat vegetables.
  • Suzy’s mother decorated her coffee shop with anything related to missA.The cafe is called “Soo Caffe”
  • Suzy said it was really awkward to have a kiss scene with 2PM’s Taecyeon on Dream High, because they are already like brother and sister.
  • Suzy said it was really hard to speak without making any smoke while filming Dream High in a very low temperature during winter.
  • Suzy’s favorite girl groups are the Wonder Girls, and SISTAR.
  • Suzy wished that her movie “Introduction on Architecture” does well in the box office.
  • Suzy is allergic to cat’s fur.
  • Suzy’s room is a mess, she said he doesn’t have the time to tidy up.
  • Suzy is also known as “Giant Maknae” together with KARA’s Jiyoung on Invincible Youth G8.
  • Suzy’s blood type is AB.
  • Suzy was Jia’s roommate. Oneday, when Suzy got back to their dorm after filming Dream High, she realized that Jia had moved to another room. Jia decorated Suzy’s room very well.
  • Suzy has a lot of animal stuffs in her room.
  • At first, Suzy did not like the title of her movie “Introduction to Architecture”
  • Suzy said she prefers to go to karaoke than love.
  • When Suzy is very busy, she can do 60 interviews per day.
  • Suzy is an inexpressive.
  • Suzy finds it difficult when she’s told to act cute in front of the camera.
  • According to Min, Suzy is a very obedient little sister.
  • Suzy loves to write on diary.
  • Suzy’s biggest worries is entering college and her major.
  • Suzy’s first kiss was with Taecyeon for Dream High drama.
  • For dramas, Suzy had kissed Lee Jae Hoon, Kim Soohyun, and Ok Taecyeon.
  • Suzy’s nickname is “Earthworm” (Sujireongi)
  • Suzy admits that she did teeth laminated, but she didn’t do any plastic surgery.
  • Suzy has a puppy named Damon. She named it “Damon” when she was watched Vampire Diaries.
  • In school, Suzy was a type that liked to play and make noise.
  • Suzy is type of blunt person in front of the person that she likes.
  • Suzy hasn’t got her first love yet until now.
  • Instead of interesting, Suzy thinks that acting is difficult.
  • Suzy likes to eat fruit ice bar.
  • Suzy was a lead actress in 2011 KBS Drama “Dream High” playing the role of Go Hye Mi.
  • Suzy participated in Dream High OST “Winter Child” and “Dream High” she also participated in Dream High 2 OST “You’re My Star”
  • Suzy doesn’t like it if people talk about her big feet and a mole in her hand.
  • Suzy’s first kiss was 2PM Taecyeon on Dream High drama.
  • Suzy’s biggest worry now is : can she raise her dog Damon correctly?
  • On her latest drama “BIG” Suzy participated to sing its OST called “I Still Love You”"
  • Suzy’s shoe size is 250mm.
  • Suzy hates if people spread rumor about her big feet with 280mm size.
  • On Invincible Youth 2, Suzy confessed that her ideal type of man is Ian Somerhalder.
  • Suzy said that she loves to hear songs that she won’t get bored until she dies. One of them is Corrine Bailey Rae’s – Your Records On.
  • Suzy also loves to hear Avril Lavigne’s songs.
  • Suzy’s has a brother called Bae Sang Moon.
  • Men that have bee Suzy’s ideal type of men are : Kang Dong Woon, Lee Minki, Yang Yooseob, Kim Soo Hyun, Ian Somerhalder and Lee Dong Wook.
  • Suzy also dumped by a boy on her elementary school.
  • Suzy thinks that she is a little bit boyish and talk active.
  • Suzy walks by her self on Han River to relieve her stress.
  • If Suzy has a date, she will keep it secret from public.

  • Suzy had aver called IU in IU's concert when she can't attend IU's concert. its kinda funny.. :D

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