Full House quotes fave.. :DD

As much as the entire
universe exploding,
As much as the waterin every ocean drying,With my spirit burst,as much as it spreads outward.I love you very much.Han Ji-eun...I love you so much.-Lee Young Jae

I know. I'm nothing to you.
From now on you too are nothing to me.
- Han Ji Eun
Father: What?
LYJ: I'm sorry. Please forgive me.
Father: Are you saying that because you really think you were wrong?
LYJ: No, I don't think I was.
Father: What?
LYJ: I don't think so... but Ji-eun told me to apologize to you. That's why i'm doing this.
I promised myself I'd never lose you again. But I keep on losing you at every crucial moment. That's just not fair. I'm so angry with myself. I don't think I can stand it any longer. Like I said, I always hurt you and can't even protect you. Like you said, I don't know how to love and how to express love. So, I don't know how to love. What I can do to make you happy at all. So I've been thinking, since I don't know much, I'll do anything you tell me. Anything you teach me. I'll wait if you tell me to wait. I'll sing and dance if you tell me to sing and dance. I'll buy you flowers if you tell me to do. I'll do anything you tell me. I'll do anything you want. So, Ji-eun, here, you wear this. Han Ji-eun, let's get married. Please, marry me.

“I’m here today to tell you about a woman I love. I’m in love with someone right now. I really love her. She’s someone who can find joy and hope in little things. Being with her brings me joy. She’s the first person to teach me what happiness is. Because I really love her, in order to protect her, I’m about to get a divorce. I’m sure you’re curious but I can’t reveal who she is now. She’s a kind but ordinary person. But to me she’s the most important and special person.”
- Young Jae / Full House [kdrama]
Yes, I know.....

How are you going to protect me? Do you even know what it means to protect someone? You think giving a crying person ice-cream is a way of comforting or protecting them? You don’t even know anything! You don’t know how to love someone, you don’t know how to show love, and you don’t know what it means to protect someone. You hurt people without realizing it.” – Ji Eun

"At first, I thought the ring might be a fake, a lie. But it was real to me. When I was always waiting for you, while my heart was breaking, and as I was happy, the ring became real to me because of you.”
- Ji Eun / Full House [kdrama]
There are happy marriages and unhappy marriages. Some marriages with an unknown end, some with a known end. But our marriage is a marriage too. I fought with you everyday and packed my bags a few times. But I never thought this is the end. I’m never coming back. Let’s do our best. Live with energetic power until the day that we really do part ways. Fighting until then. “
- Ji-eun / Full House
“You can take care of her, because I’ll be taking care of you.”
- Ji-eun / Full House
“Loving someone is tiring and it hurts, but it’s not something I can stop.”
- Young Jae / Full House
[ YOUNG-JAE TO JI-EUN ]It's fun to see you get mad. I want to tease you again and again. When I'm with you, you make me feel good. When Min-hyuk said he'd take you away from me, it didn't feel good. No, actually, I was offended. And I was angry. You know what childish behavior I resorted to so he couldn't steal you from me? When I'm with you, it's fun. It makes me feel good… only if you don't do those silly jokes. See? I even talk more when I'm around you. When I'm with you I feel like become a different person. I even forget Hye-won. Ji-eun, the truth is I really wanted you but I wanted to protect you so you wouldn't get hurt. I think I have to go to Hye-won now.
"When I thought I couldn’t protect you, I thought I was going to go insane. I thought about you and worried about you constantly. I missed you so much. It really hurt a lot. Loving someone is such a painful ordeal but I can’t stop myself from going to you.”
- Young Jae / Full House [kdrama]
LYJ : Father, I'm sorry... Please forgive me this time.