Video as gift "Yulisyah 17 seventeenth birthday" congrats from my friends.. :D

actually, this video was showed by my classmates several weeks ago,
about at 12 December 2012 (I forgot, hehe)
but I have just upload it on youtube yesterday.. that's why.. ^.~ 
we(XII IPA 1) were watching this video together by using OHP that was borrowed from our school, hehe
It was very very memorable event in my life,
when we're laughing together seeing our face in this video, hehe

crazy monkey 165 It was like a miracle, you know..
I think I wasn't deserved this kindness,, it was... too much
It Incredible that I was speechless after watched this video..

I don't know how to tell that how thankful am I to my friends for this video..
I will try as hard as I can to remember this passing road with all of you guys
When we paint our future together
and when we smile, laugh and cry togther
XII IPA 1 is the BEEST!! 12 IPA 1 JJANG! :DDD

Special thanks : 

         Vivi Inpaa and My sister, Kak Ranny who were willing to wasting their time to interview the others and created such an Amazing video like this.. :D

Poppo thanks : 

          DiahBoya ~> for accompany me to keep far from Vivi, kak Ranny and Kak Rizka that were creating this video in Biology laboratorium..

unfortunately, i knew you plan hun.. :D

          Kak Rizka ~> for amazing words, hehehe

Thanks :

       All of bidak XII IPA 1, oh, of course Bapak PKN.. ;D


crazy monkey 054I Love You ALL!!

All my heart.. 


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  2. HAHA! our tim is profesional ;p
    but actually that is hard enough to keep you stay away from us Puds..
    you're such a overfull battery kids XD hahhaha

  3. hahaha :D
    overfull battery?

    I know it for sure mak.. :D


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