Minggu, 08 Februari 2015

A letter from a shameless daughter and sister

I am sitting here now
Alone and lonely
With a big hole in my heart
Poured by emptiness

today is the fourth time I am leaving home
It makes me sick, It did and It will always do
And it gives pain, more and more

I don't know whether leaving home will make me stronger
Or it otherwise tore me down
piece by piece of my heart
and I am very afraid
Afraid that time will come when there's nothing left
nothing's left to be tore down
And I will be broken

You can say that I am weak

I will replay
"My Family is My Whole Life"
They are everything

How can you said that I was weak when I have to leave them?
I can't be there when they need me
I can't be there to pay off my countless debt for my best mom and dad
I can't be there to fulfill my responsibility to take care of my little siblings
I can't be there to stand in facing every coming problem

How can I be here out alone?
When every beat of my hearts miss every sound of  their footsteps and laughs

-Putri 8 Februari 2015

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