Senin, 23 Desember 2013

Video as 18thBirthday Gift ^O^

goodbye my sweet seventeen, welcome beautiful eighteen! :D
I want to share a video that uri kyeopta dongsaeng, Tiun, give to me.

She may didn't know how it means a lot to me and it touch me so much that my mind got into a flashback back there, where my heart is belong to be, ^o^ at home

Actually this video one of many may that can ruin my name, haha
because Tiun use a really really awful photos.
But doesn't matter, in the other hand, it made us laugh, kecci? right? :D

Once more, thank you tiun sayaaaang
mmuach mmuacch Neonun neomu bogoshippeo ^o^

2 komentar:

  1. hhuwaaaaaaaaaa~~ XD XD
    do u love it? jeongmal? :D

    1. jinjja jinjja neomu neomu jeongmal jeongmal Joaaah! ^O^ haha
      tengsiiin yah tiuun! mmuach {}