Selasa, 24 September 2013

You are Loved ~> My Life Motto, XD ^_^ hehe

Hai guys! hehe
Let me tell you what is behind my Motto :D

"You are loved" is everything I need to live my life

For our love..

It is easy to love and to be loved, Just by letting yourself feel it

Knowing that Allah, my Family, my big SarDa family, my Relatives, my Bestfriends, my Friend love me is all I ever needed to stand for facing every coming storm.
even sometimes they love me too much that is even more than I deserve. <3 :D
Knowing that they will be proud of me and praised me while I do a good job
Knowing that they aren't judge me while I do wrong
Knowing that they are always pray for me
Knowing that they will be broken as I did
Knowing that they will hold me tight as I try to let go
Knowing that they are always there, standing before me

Knowing that

Love motivates me to do my best to make a good job
Love prevents me from being foolished and wrong
Love makes me believe that everything can be happenned
Love makes me not feeling alone

Loves make me strong, :D
As I am out of my comfort zone now (college)

For everyone who fill my heart, my mind and my life.
There is always a room to love and be loved
Sincerely yours
Pupud ^0^

Thank you.. :D

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