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2pm's Great words.. :D Quotes part 1


[INFO] “ALL ABOUT 2PM” to go on sale March 9, 2011!
title ALL ABOUT 2PMprice 19800 yen (tax-in)item stock number BVCL-185~191on sale 2011.3.9<Contents>All 5 of 2PM’s singles, mini albums, and albums previously released in Korea:1st single “HOTTEST TIME OF THE DAY”2nd single “2:00PM TIME FOR CHANGE”1st album “01:59PM”3rd single “DON’T STOP CAN’T STOP”1st mini album “STILL 02:00PM”All of these will be compiled together as a Japan original package & box!Also, the booklets for all 5 titles will be put together into 1 book as a Japan original.The book will no doubt make it a super wonderful edition!Of course there will also be a separate volume that has the text translated into Japanese.In addition,[Privilege 1] There will be a special DVD you’ve absolutely never seen before!(DVD contents: Photoshoots of each member!! Fresh scenes of the real 2PM that you have never seen!! Wooyoung’s original face-washing regimen? Taecyeon’s cooking classroom? Nichkhun’s Seoul guide? Junho the photographer? Chansung’s training regimen? Junsu the composer? The appearance of a special guest!? [Have fun guessing who as you watch!!] A treasure fully loaded with scenes you’ve absolutely never seen before!!)In addition to the addition,[Privilege 2]<Original goods you’ve absolutely never had your hands on, Part 1>Along with the 2PM original case will be an original design T-shirt (one size fits all)In addition to the addition’s addition,[Privilege 3]<Original goods you’ve absolutely never had your hands on, Part 2>2PM original postcard book with a wonderful hardcoverIn addition to the addition’s addition’s addition,[Privilege 4]<Original goods you’ve absolutely never had your hands on, Part 3>2PM original interchangeable phone straps - charms for each of the 6 members with their names on themIn addition! to the addition! to the addition’s addition’s addition! All of it will be put in a super wonderful box set as a 2PM original edition to be preserved for all eternity!! Please look forward to it all!!Source: 2pmjapan.comTranslated by dawnjelly @ Wild2Day.orgMay be taken out with credits
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FAVORITE GIRL (If 2PM has to welcome a new female member out of all Korean Girl Groups, who would that be?) - CL from 2NE1. She’s really cool and smart. -

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Q: What is 2PM for you?

Taecyeon: Family
Chansung: The first button of my life
Junsu: My fate
Nichkhun: Brothers
Junho: Eternal friends
Wooyoung: My life
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Q: What do you think is “Something I left undone this year” and also “Something I want to do without fail this year?”

A: There’s a lot. I want to become better at dancing, singing, and Korean. Also, since we’re advancing into Japan as well, I want to work hard at Japanese. I’m busy but I want to practice whenever there’s a spare moment.

For our Japan debut, I just want to do my best, with a rookie mindset. My heart is pounding (in anticipation).

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My aim is for all of Japan to know 2PM. I will earnestly work hard.


2PM Family: Jay, Chansung, Khun, Wooyoung, Taec, Junsu. Whenever we are running and one of us falls behind, we always carry them on our back.

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Last but not least, our 2PM members…Even though we have lost one of the biggest parts of our lives..Jay..Wherever you are..know that we couldn’t have gotten this far without you..we always hope that you are well and healthy.. and we’re always missing you…Hoping one day we can all sit down and laugh at what happened in our lives…until then, WE WILL make you PROUD.


We all got into one car just the roads we take are different.
Even though we’re at different places our minds are one.
If one person is in pain, all 11 are in pain together. 
We’ll compete as brothers forever but in this battle, we’re on the same side.
Can you feel it right now, our energy?
In the daytime, play happily…
At midnight, calm melody…
Turn around, brothers we got you.
There’s only twelve hours of difference between us.

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