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2pm's daebak words ^o^ quotes part 2


What is 2PM for you?


1. "Victoria-ssi, always fighting. If you’re having a hard time, call me kekeke." 

2.  "I always think of the future. I think that’s how I can work happily now. And I always think ‘where would I be living if I married a Korean person?’ I work hard now for my future, my future wife and family." 

3.  "With other singers we just talk about our albums or work really. With members, we talk about anything except girls. We never ask each other about girls first. Although we already know even without telling." 

4.  "I’m a human, too. I’m not an angel. I’m a devil."

5. "It’s okay because we’re all here to work. I’m here to work, and the same goes for all the staff that are here. I don’t think it’s fair to say you must differentiate who is better and who should be the most considerate. I’m happy with this."


1. "To be honest, if you end up liking a girl, wouldn’t she look pretty no matter what she wears?"

2. "Honestly, I don’t like posing normally when I take pictures"

3. "You guys are tired too, right? Yeah….We get tired too…But…It’s ok. Beside us, there’s you guys. We’re always thankful, and we love you…For staying with us."

4. "The people I love makes my heart beat. The love I give, the love I receive. My family, friends… and our 7 members. The more I think of them, my heart gets warmer. I want to be with you guys forever."

5. We’re always thankful, and we love you…For staying with  us.”


1. "I keep forgetting dancing steps. When we have to go right side, I go left side alone, and Im not funny person, haha."

2. "Music makes my heart beat. The more i hear, sing and perform on stage my heart beats stronger than ever. I want to live like this until the day i die."

3. "I need to say this right now, to be honest my heart hurts very, very much."

4.  "I’m a person that if I’m hooked with something then I know nothing besides that."

5. "I keep forgetting dancing steps. When we have to go right side, I go left side alone, and I’m not funny    person, haha" 

1. "Have you seen a person that’s really short and looks like he’s from Seattle?"

2. It’s fine if you laugh at us. It’s good. Whatever you say… whatever bad comment? It doesn’t matter. We, will be 2PM until the end, with the 2PM name we will do our best to go right to the end."

3. "Just recently I’ve gone through a time when with a love for dance and music I wanted to become a singer. Even though I knew of all the hardships ahead of me, I sometimes think that the reason why I pushed forwards probably wasn’t even so I could meet you all eventually. Since, you have watched over us up till now, starting from this moment on, WE are going to watch over you. I promise with my own life. And love you."

4. "Yes. It’s okay if you laugh, we will use our best efforts right till the end. We don’t want to make everyone angry… and annoyed… and make you frown. We will honestly do everything we can to try our best."

5. "And, we will practice as hard as we can and, well, even if no-one listens to the song I will be happy. We promised each other. We will take on all responsibility and run to the end. And later on, much later on, we will become amazing people and we will show Jaebum hyung how far 2PM, have come right till the end. And, we'll laugh and talk all together."


1. "Because if I doubt myself, I feel like nothing is going to work out for me."

2. "I need to know about myself well, so I monitor myself a lot."

3. "I try to be open to all criticisms, that's why I'm able to maintain my composure more."

4. "There’s a saying that once you’ve reached the top you have to go down. It may sound like a joke, but I really want to reach the top, just build my house and live there."

5. "Our small talks really aren’t stopping."

6. "Because we have you guys, we are able to get more strength. We can live because of you guys." [for HOTTEST]

7. "We are singers. I think of the profession as people that sing through performances and are able to touch the hearts of people or perhaps blow a bit of oxygen into their lives."

8. "[What is the meaning of ‘a real man’ to you?]
Junho: I’ve thought about this lately, but I think there’s no answer to it. A man need not have to act deep, remain quiet. But he has to be honest, and has to know how to protect the girl he loves. You can’t just look on the surface, but he has to have substance on the inside. Like for example, if he knows he’s sexy and yet tries to look sexy, it’s not such a good thing. So I believe that a guy who has inner substance is very manly. He has to be the one who protects the girl." 

9. "Everyday our time together is filled with fun games. I’m gonna make you smile so you never get bored."

10. "To believe in everything you see is a foolish decision."


1. "I am A man that thinks"

2. "Even if it were only for one day, I would like to be a bird, because birds are carefree."

3. "Also, although I’ve been pouring my heart out and we’ve said a lot, uh… I’m sure there are people who don’t understand or don’t believe us. Many (people). I can’t ask those people to cheer us on. It’s fine if you don’t. I don’t mind even if you… curse at us. But I have ONE request. Please don’t be skeptical of the friendship between the 7 of us. Really."

4. "It seems like I’ve gaining a lot after becoming an artist. I have fans and people know my name. But then I realize that there’re plenty of things I have to protect as much as I receive and number of people who are trying to judge me so I have to be more careful."

5. "I started from zero, unlike the others; I don’t have any talents. So I was told off many times from people for not being able to neither dance nor sing. But I don’t care, just like a weed I stood up and tried that’s why I’m here. Even now I’m still trying."

6. Isn’t it love?(laughs) Love is really the most important thing. It’ll make a good help in acting because it’ll dissolve entirely all those sensibilities. Ah..I want to go on a date (laughs)"

7. "Honestly, I don’t particularly like being put in strict disciplines. I’m happy that I’m able to express my gift and talent from an early age."

8. "I want to be acknowledged! As a better musician, as a better man, as a better me."

9. "Just like the sky with no end, 2PM will fly as well, in that endless sky"

10. “I’ve never dreamed of becoming a celebrity. Naturally, singer or actor’s occupations are respectable, but  being tone-deaf, having no sense of rhythm or dancing skills I didn’t even dare to think about it.”

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