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Zayn Malik One Direction Profile, Facts ^0^ part II

Zayn Malik One Direction

Short Profile

Fullname : Zayn Jaweed Malik

Nickname : Zayn Malik
Born Place : West Lane Baildon, Bradford, England
Born Date : January 12, 1993
Hobby : Singing
Religious View : Muslim

Zayn Malik Middle Name


Zayn Malik Height

5' 9" (1.75 m)

Zayn Malik Age

19 Years Old

Is Zayn Malik Muslim?

Yes, He is a Muslim

Zayn Malik MuslimZayn Malik is British Pakistani Muslim

Zayn Malik is a Muslim British Pakistani and he 100% proud of his religion view. His father is a Pakistani muslim and most of his family members is muslim. He ever tweeted ""La ila ha ill allaho muhammed door rasoolalah" which means he believes in Allah and Muhammad.

In Ramadhan of 2011, he was participated in fasting (don't eat, drink, and anything). He has a good personality as a muslim. In the first day of Ramadhan he tweeted in his Twitter account "First day, who's fasting?". Those are evidances that Zayn Malik is muslim.

Zayn Malik Parents and Sisters

Do you Want to Know Zayn Malik Parents and Sisters?

Zayn Malik is British Pakistani, his father (Yaser) comes from Pakistan and His mother (Tricia) originally British. Zayn was born and grew up in Bradford, England. Zayn is second children from four, he has three sisters, their names are Doniya, Waliyha and Safaa, Doniya is the oldest and Safaa is the youngest.

Zayn Malik Dad

What is Zayn Malik Dad Name?


Zayn Malik Mum

What is Zayn Malik Mum Name?


Zayn Malik Sisters

What are Zayn Malik Sisters Name?

Doniya, Waliyha and Safaa

What's Zayn Malik Nationality?

Half English and Half Pakistani

Is Zayn Malik Gay

That's Not Right

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