Rabu, 18 April 2012

Zayn Malik~ Profile and Facts.. :D part I

Hm, i want to share the facts about Zayn,
let's cekidot : ^o^

Nah, zayn whose Full name is Zain Javadd Malik is prefer called Zayn(different with Zain). :D. He was borned on 12th January 1993 in Saint Luke's hospital in Bradford, England.

 the most important is that Zayn is a Muslim.. :D . His father is from Pakistan..
by the way, words "Zayn" means beautiful in Arabic.

Zayn first appeared on X factor as solo artist. but then he joined with Harry, Louis, Niall and Liam and formed One Direction.. the name of one direction was an idea from Harry cause that time, they were really different one to another, but they had one Direction..
In the end, they called theirselves one direction deh.. ;D

Zayn has light brown eyes and i think it was like a gold.. Zayn is very like chicken. He says that He can't live without Chicken! XD

He can play the triangle and One of his hobbies is drawing..  His drawing is awesome! *o*

and Zayn was scared of THE DARK!! >/<

Zayn has 2 younger and 1 older sister.. :D

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